Q: Why hire a professional DJ and not just use a friend or an ipod?
A: Simply put, you probably won't want to take a chance with an inexperienced DJ, or hope that every song on an ipod playlist is going to work for your guests.   

A truly experienced professional DJ 
-has top of the line industry standard equipment 
-will make all necessary announcements in a professional manner
-keep your detailed itinerary on time
-has a vast knowledge of multiple techniques for mixing music
-has the ability to read the crowd so each song is chosen and mixed together to keep the dance floor busy.
Q:  How far in advance should I hire a DJ?
A:  Once you have booked your venue you will need to start looking for a DJ right away.  Great DJs who are well established are in high demand and will book up as early as sixteen months in advance.  Remember, many other services have the ability to accomodate multiple events on the same day (catering, flowers, bakeries, photobooths, candy bars, etc.), but a particular DJ or Photographer only has the ability to book one event per day and thus should be top priority in your hiring process.

Q:  What type of attire do you wear? 
A:  It all depends on your preference.  While some events may take place on a beach and may be more casual, other events may be more formal.  This will all be discussed and coordinated ahead of time.
Q:  Are all DJs required to have insurance?  What type of insurance should I check to make sure DJs have?
A:  Most venues in San Diego County now require all mobile DJ companies to carry a one million-dollar liability insurance policy and will not allow them on-site without submitting a copy to them in advance of the event date.   Our current policy can be accessed anytime you like by using the provided link on the information and services page of our website.

Q:  How far in advance of the event should the DJ arrive?
A:  A DJ should arrive a minimum one hour prior to the event start time for the set up of all equipment, but two hours is the standard.  This time may fluctuate if the event includes multiple setups, requires specialty equipment, or if loading needs to be precisely coordinated due to limited parking and/or time restrictions for vendors enforced by the venue.

Q: Are there any additional fees that the I am required to pay?
A:  All prices and fees need to be discussed ahead of time and established in the contract with the DJ  you choose.  Common fees to be considered are the following: parking fees at the venue, early setup time when the couple may have a live musician playing during the cocktail hour, but want a DJ to take over for the rest of the evening, adding on extra service time or equipment, etc.
Q:  Can I request specific songs I would like the DJ to play? 
A:  Yes.  After completing your booking, you will have access to your own online personal account which includes a planning form, timeline, and music request playlist where you can choose specific songs that you would prefer to be played throughout your event.
Q:  Do your Disc Jockeys usually play requests made by the guests?   
A:  We will mix songs requested by guests as long as it is in good taste and is a style of music that has been working well for that particular crowd.                             
Q:  Can I request specific songs that I don't want played at my event?  
A:  Absolutely.  You can specify both particular songs, or complete genres that you would like your DJ to avoid, but keep your crowd in mind when making your decisions.  It is not only our job to make sure we play the music that you enjoy, but are also able to keep your guests entertained as well.
 Q:  Can I come see a DJ "in action" at an event, prior to deciding whether or not to hire them?   
A:  Unless you are an invited guest at an event we are already booked for, the answer unfortunately is no.
It would be inappropriate and unprofessional to conduct business during someone else's special ocassion and it is not our event to invite outside guests to.   Also, the overall energy level and song selection at someone else's event may differ from what your interests are for your particular event.  For instance if you prefer top 40 and the DJ is performing at an event where the playlist is primarily classic rock, you may think that’s what the DJ always plays.  The best way a couple can get an all-round perspective of the DJ is to:
- use referrals from trusted sources 
- check online reviews from various resources 
- view video clips that represent their abilities to properly make announcements and mix music 
- meet with them in person
Q:  Do you bring any backup equipment in case something should break down?
A:  Yes.  During a wedding, if for any reason the equipment should be faulty or have issues, your DJ will have back up equipment onsite and ready to go (including extra computer systems, controllers, mixers, microphones, cables, etc).  Well-established DJ companies have top of the line equipment and backups onsite, while less experienced and lower priced companies may have inferior equipment with little to no backup, thus increasing the chance of something going wrong. 
Q:  How much is the required deposit in order to book our services? 
A:  25% of the total contract price, or $100.00 minimum.  Whichever amount is greater.

Q: Is the person that you speak with over the phone, or meet with in person going to be the DJ at your event?
A: Yes.  
Q:  What should I pay attention to when interviewing DJs? 
A:  How well the DJ communicates and responds to your questions.  You should feel comfortable and confident with the DJ that you choose since this is the person that will be responsible for facilitating all of your specific details throughout the entire event (announcements, music mixing, energy level, etc.) to your personal preferences.
Q: What forms of payments do you except?
A: All valid major credit cards, personal checks, and cash.